Corporate governance

The Group operates robust corporate governance policies including anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and anti-slavery. It also employs stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures on its counterparties. It is determined to create and maintain a business that is a force for good, through diversity and inclusivity.

Stakeholders Protection and Board Oversight

The Board of Directors meets regularly and, wherever possible, discusses policy, the market economy and strategy daily. It places corporate communication highly in its ethos and encourages it at all levels within the Group. The Group recognises the importance of effective internal controls and strives to ensures that these are reviewed and improved regularly.

Control Environment

The Group promotes the use of independent audits in respect of its risk management and regulatory compliance which are also closely monitored by the Group’s in-house legal department. In addition, the Group strives to ensure that it is operating effective policies and procedures throughout all aspects of its business and these policies are reviewed regularly.

Performance Management and Accountability

The Group applies a rigorous performance management system and ensures that all departments comply with timely reporting. This has been recognised by the Group being awarded an international organisation for standardisation accreditation (ISO 9001). This accreditation is an acknowledgement that the Group meets the needs of its customers and other stakeholder whilst meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to its products and services.

Ethics and Transparency

The Group recognises that it operates in a sector where small modifications to operating procedure can have enormous impacts on the environment, communities and individuals. It also recognises that, because of its tremendous growth ambitions, its policies will have a global impact. As such, the Group is therefore always mindful of its responsibilities to the planet and to people. It strives to be admired for its integrity, its ingenuity and its diversity.

The Group aspires to be open and transparent about how it operates to earn and retain the trust and confidence of customers, employees, and other important stakeholders. It does this by proactively providing non-proprietary information about its business and how it operates, helping stakeholders to make informed decisions about the company and products. The Group encourages its employees to bring to the management’s notice, any occasion where it deviates from these principles.

Diagram showing the five pillars of corporate governance